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PostSubject: [LOST ITEMS] RolanZs   Wed Mar 07, 2012 6:59 am

1.Acount name

2. What did u lose it?
Yes,I lost a Lot Of items My 2 Soram Hammer ,1 flameberg ,1 Ipos Sword ,1 Namians and 2 Master Nightmare Sword

3. Did u buyed it in webshop?
No, I Just Brought it From The other Character Can You Trace it to My Acount

4. How mutch is cost?
It Cost 19K+ Credits each Items

Dear Sir/Admin/GameMaster:

Please Help Me For This kind Of Problem I'm being disappointed with Myself now and Depress I've Made A lot Of Effort of this Game just to
make my acount strong.Since I've Registered in This Mu I goes active I vote Everyday and play for About 5hours per Day.But When I Lost A lot Of items on
Tuesday March 5,2012 @ 11:00-12:00 It Dessapered Can You Trace It With Me.Sir/Admin/GM I beg You for this T_T
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